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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Employment Opportunity

Goose Herder

Required tools – your thigh and a fly swatter 
                        comfortable walking shoes.
Need to be able to leap playground equipment to rally strays

Yep…you “herd” me!  Each morning of vacation we watched the goose herder walk through the yard of our chalet, herding the darling dears out of the yard and park area to the road.  He walked quietly, occasionally slapping his thigh with his swatter to keep the attention of the unpaid guests.  The geese would break ranks around the playground equipment, trying to go their own way for a moment, until the herder would leap over or dash through equipment to rally them back together.  As soon as the trespassers hit the pavement, the feet would begin to beat the asphalt, the wings would expand, and the geese would lift off in search of the next free night at the next vacation spot.

The questions began in my head though……

Is this a seasonal job?

Can you list this on your resume?

Or perhaps………the whole reason geese fly north in the summer and fly south in the winter is because the goose herder guides them to warmer and cooler weather, not for the benefit of the goose, but for his own personal comfort.  Job security.  Nice temperatures.  Year round….you know….a snow bird.

In other words…..the resume should read….

Nomadic Goose Herder

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