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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Instructional Video on Parenting?

This is what we have become.

When did this happen?

My parents sent me out the door in the morning and I would wander back in the door when I was hungry.  They never showed up at school to argue my grades or tell a teacher they were being unfair because I didn't get an "A" or a prize or a sticker.....

I had to earn it.

The scene with the kid in class.....hanging his head in embarrassment at his mother being there....doing his work for him......answering his questions?

Yep.....I have seen this in real life.....

Hope you enjoy your kid living in your basement
...... for the rest of your life.
They will never leave.

Let them make mistakes.
Let them fail.
Let them lose.

What frightens me most about this commercial though.....

I am frightened that some parents
will use this as an instructional video.

1 comment:

Miss Effie said...

Helicopters are for the Army. Not the classroom.

You said it beautifully!