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Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Road Well Traveled...The Event

The entire reason for our trip.

The event.

Josh and Rachel.....the two will become one.

A Marriage.

A Covenant. 

It was a perfect day.  
We have had so many days with a heat index over 100 degrees.  
God granted a glorious day for the wedding ....84 and sunshine.

The reception was even glorious.  

Thelma and Louise were in rare form....

I know I just referred to myself as Thelma 
in the previous sentence, but how would it sound if I said, 
"Louise and I were in rare form"
.....it sounds so much better as 
Thelma and Louise...

We sat at a table with strangers,
(I think that is so much more fun at a wedding)
the minister who married Josh and Rachel
 and another lovely older couple.

Turns out Stella had gone to college with children of both couples.

And then it happened.....

The deck of cards came out.

I have never experienced this wedding game before. 
 I have always attended weddings with 
my husband and children in tow.  
This was a strange new realm for me.

The dealing began....

On the table in play ........ 
a 27 year old son,
a 24 year old son,
a 30 and 32 year old daughter,
an 18 year old daughter
and we threw Stella in also.....

The parents were working the details.....

Stella looked as if she were in 
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets...
she was petrified....frozen in horror.

During all of the dealing and horror, 
Stella realized that Louise had disappeared.....

As she frantically looked about the room, 
Louise was spotted in the distance, a 
finger pointed in her direction and heads nodding.

A young man stands and follows Louise around the table....

holds his hand out and bows.....

"May I have this dance?" he queried.....

They danced.

They talked.

I sure hope he calls....

...because Stella lost his number.....

I love weddings...

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