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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A Road Well Traveled....Part Three

We started off to the north and turned west onto Highway 18 on our way to our next adventure.

We found a few surprises on the way though.....

We drove through Spencer, Iowa and our resident librarian, Louise, drew our attention to Spencer as the home of Dewey the Library Cat.  Of course, we couldn't go see Dewey, because he passed in 2006, but you can read about him here.

We were also distracted by a shocking fashion trend....but fashion will be the topic of another blog day, on another blog channel......

We set off for Sheldon, Iowa to find Elephant Bones!  Unfortunately, the museum is only open on Thursdays....Thursdays!  But Stella still got her picture on the steps, knowing the bones were right behind the door.

I believe we had a sighting of Santa Claus in Sheldon also.  He was wearing a green cloak, standing outside a catholic church.  Louise was VERY excited.  I think she had her list ready to go!!

As we were leaving Sheldon, we drove by an interesting building and realized it was a church!

 It has to be a small mission church in our flavor in Lutheranism.
We decided to stop and check it out...

When we approached the door, we noticed a small typed note that said the congregation was in vacancy.  Louise instantly posted on Facebook to see if anyone could be interested in a small church in northwest Iowa.....

....you will be thrilled to know, Louise and Stella, that Our Savior has a new pastor called fresh from Seminary in Saint Louis!  The new name on the sign will read Pastor Timothy Oetting!  (I think your Facebook posting worked Louise !)

From Sheldon, we continued westard following a very distracted driver.  We thought perhaps it was a teenage girl talking on a cell phone and playing with her hair.  All the windows were down and she kept pulling hair up and around while it was blowing about the car.  My speedometer was getting very frustrated.....my VW Jurgen wanted to at least go the speed limit, for goodness sake!

We were finally able to pass and found the driver to be of the dread-lock variety....and he must have just been talking to himself!  It was quite strange, but up and away, we were around him and on our way again......until.....

...we found one of those Roadside Markers.  You know those green signs along the road to alert you that there is a very small plaque someplace that you might be able to read?  It is like old fashioned geocaching! We stopped and I tried to see what was printed on the sign, but it was in very tall grass and it was very small print....I think it said something about James T. Kirk?   And maybe Robin Hood...

Unfortunately, in my search for history, dread-locks dude overtook us again...ugh!

After  all this excitement, I think we need a treat!
I can't wait to tell you about our next stop...


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