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Friday, December 25, 2015

Scents of Smell

The lines have been drawn.



A lot has changed over the last eighteen months since I went back to school. I think the biggest one I am noticing is my scents of smell. 

Yes. I wrote that correctly. 

My scents-itivity has gone haywire and it directly impacts my breathing. 

Tall Man has taken on a new hobby - one that has never bothered me in the past. 

... 5x3" Lubricating Gun Oil Field Wipes Air Rifle Shotgun Cleaning | eBay

The smell of this now leaves me breathless. So, Tall Man's solution is to add an air freshener to the mix. Not just any air freshener. For some strange reason he chose strawberry banana....

This is not helping the issue.

I finally had to speak to him this morning and suggest a change of plan. He will allow me to choose a smell of my choice....

...and in the interim... 


Tall Man is helping the neighborhood smell better.

We don't want it to go to waste...