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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tickets Available!

Well.....there will be a fence.....

around the POOL!

Oh. Dear. God.

The heart palpitations have begun.  I have absolute panic running through every vein in my body.  I can only imagine what games the kids are going to invent.

There is confirmation this afternoon that there

Sorry.   My heart just stopped for a brief second.....

I am picturing some form of synchronized swimming while one of the kids shoots arrows at them from the diving board.  Can the kids duck under the water fast enough before the tether-ball is swung over there heads?  Will they keep the trampoline set up so the darlings can jump from the trampoline into the pool.  Can you picture triple flips in the air and a glorious belly flop as
they, hopefully, land in the water.

How high will the fence be?  Somehow I doubt if it will shield us from the full horror that is about to unfold.  We have balcony seating.

So if you enjoy the X-Games....come on over!
I am confident that it will be nail biting show.

Tickets will be available Mid-July.

And there will be a hose available if you pee your pants........

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Does Anyone Have a Line on a Line?

My clothes line broke.

I have had an umbrella clothesline.  It was great.  It was compact.

I can't find one to replace it.

I went to the big box hardware store first....actually thought it would be one stop shopping, go home and hang out my clothes. This is what they had.

I don't quite understand how to hang laundry on this.  Who has anything, other than socks, for the little 10 inch line next to the pole.....
.....I would have to hang sheets around corners, or fold them on the line, to get them to fit onto this clothesline.

I then went to our local, hometown hardware store.  It is new. Just opened.  Unfortunately, the new owner has hired kids....no experience at all.  I walked in and was mumbled at.  I think he asked if he could help me find something.  "I am looking for an umbrella clothesline."  He responds, "I have umbrellas and I have clothesline," with a very puzzled look on his face.  I tried to paint a mental picture for this boy.  His response?  "Why don't you just buy a dryer?"

Yep....that was his response.
Don't think I will be shopping there again.

On to the internet......

I did find an impressive clothesline online in this style that has me intrigued, almost giddy.....

Best Drying Rack can be found at this link.  I give you the link because there is a copyright on all the pictures.  I am impressed because it is an American company!!  AND....This clothesline is huge!  If you click on the link, you will see how much can be hung in a very small space.  My only issue is.....I would also have to order one of these....

Do you see the height of the top line?  And who do they choose to model in the picture?  Someone my height!!!  How the heck did she get those sheets on the top line?

I am still searching........

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Games

I think summer is finally here.  I have one more commitment and then.....yep.....it is here.  My list is long of want-to-do's.  Sure, there are need-to's.  It is the want-to list that is glittery in my vision......it is in my reach.

In the meantime, I have a few finish up and prepares for next week and next year.  What is distracting me?

The Summer Games.

Nope.  Not the Olympics.  The neighbor kids.

Their games terrify me.  It is like the X-Games in my backyard.

Game #1 - Tether-ball Trampoline Skip Ball

How you play:  Eight to Ten Children bounce on a trampoline while one kids swings the tether-ball over the trampoline like a Skip Ball.  All of the kids try to jump over the ball on a rope.  The last one standing is the winner.

The make-me cringe-moments.  We have seen rope burn, kids falling off the trampoline, but the worst.....when the ball swings a little higher than it should and wraps around a kids neck.  Aargh! And the parents?  No where in sight......

Game #2 - Catch the Arrow

Yes - you read that correctly.

How to play:  One kids shoots an arrow in the air and everyone else stands looking up to see where it will land.

Oh.  Dear.  God.  I.  Could.  Pee.  My. Pants.

Last night, they were shooting into the archery block, but the "judges" for the game were perched in the tree....right above the target.

I am sure I played these insane games as a child.  I just wonder......was the neighbor trying not to pee their pants while watching?

My only relief might be in sight......  I think there is a man measuring for a fence.......oh, dear God, please let the man be measuring for a fence........