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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Black August

Oh August,

How I loathe thee.

I can see you right around the corner.

The American people could pay down the National Debt with the disbursement of funds about to happen to schools and stores for the Parental Holiday known as ........Back to School.

I should be rejoicing that all the darlings will be exiting my house once again, but I am hesitant.  The lists are long of required items.

Why do we as parents buy our children new rulers....every year?  What is wrong with the old one?  Shock and dismay.....
"It is not my favorite color anymore!"
And do the kids really use all the items on that list?
I know they don't!  The extras are in a cabinet downstairs!

I have laid down the law this year.....

We are on a budget.  We will refrain from the feast before us.....the beautiful Number 2 Ticonderoga Pencils, the Pentel Gel Pen Pack in multi-colors, the row upon row of Crayola products......


The rule this year is:

We will reuse what we can.
We will purchase what we NEED and not what we WANT.

If it is not in the budget......it is not happening.

So this is notice for my children......and the Tall Man.

You have until midnight tonight to submit your budget requests for the month of Black August.  There might be some negotiation after the deadline, however.......

I reserve the right of line item VETO......

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