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Monday, July 30, 2012

Continuing Education on the GO!

Frog and I just took a whirlwind trip to her future college home.  She is set with her new school ID card, some highlighters, rollerball pens, and plans to decorate her dorm room.

All that education and college stuff got me excited.....

I am ready to learn something new...further my education....

A language!

French......Canadian French to be exact!

Our device to learn from???


It is brilliant....learn as you drive down the road!

This is what we learned today...

Prenez le droit d'emballage, eh?......
                                 Take Wrap right, eh?

Recompte, eh?.......
                              Recalculating, eh?

Arrivant à la destination à droite, eh?...........
                                   Arriving at destination on the right, eh?

Recompte..... Restez dans les petites routes gauches vous poursuivre sur le pontage, eh?

You stupid American....
......remain in left lanes to continue on bypass, eh?

I feel sooo much smarter now!  This is better than Rosetta Stone!

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