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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tickets Available!

Well.....there will be a fence.....

around the POOL!

Oh. Dear. God.

The heart palpitations have begun.  I have absolute panic running through every vein in my body.  I can only imagine what games the kids are going to invent.

There is confirmation this afternoon that there

Sorry.   My heart just stopped for a brief second.....

I am picturing some form of synchronized swimming while one of the kids shoots arrows at them from the diving board.  Can the kids duck under the water fast enough before the tether-ball is swung over there heads?  Will they keep the trampoline set up so the darlings can jump from the trampoline into the pool.  Can you picture triple flips in the air and a glorious belly flop as
they, hopefully, land in the water.

How high will the fence be?  Somehow I doubt if it will shield us from the full horror that is about to unfold.  We have balcony seating.

So if you enjoy the X-Games....come on over!
I am confident that it will be nail biting show.

Tickets will be available Mid-July.

And there will be a hose available if you pee your pants........

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