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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Road Well Traveled ...Part One

I loaded up the car on Friday morning with my friends Louise and Stella....you guessed it....I got to be Thelma!  

We set off for Sioux Falls, South Dakota for a WEDDING of a former co-worker.  We left at 8 AM for our adventure.  We didn't have to be in Sioux Falls until Saturday afternoon, so we decided to take a "sort of" vacation.  

Now.....you might be asking what a "sort of" vacation is?  Louise and I have been on many vacations over the years with our families.  I am sure you know how it goes.  You leave and then arrive at the location.  Along the way, you may see a sign that says "World's Largest Ball of Twine is 5 miles to the right".......but nope.....we are on a schedule and if we start taking detours our entire schedule will be thrown off.

So we started the zig zag across Iowa......I should mention here that a typical drive from our town to Sioux Falls should take the normal traveler approximately 7....that is seven.....hours.  

I will make the final reveal of how many hours our journey took us at the end of this mini series.  

Our first stop on our trip took us to a small town north of Cedar Rapids, along Interstate 380, called Brandon.  Brandon is the home of "Iowa's Largest Frying Pan".

Stella, Thelma and Louise

This was the only part of the adventure that we had a guest photographer with us....the Man Child.

yes...the pan was hot.

He was being his typical smarty self and continued to take photos of us as we tried to get out of the pan......

......that is quite a step down....

I think you can see in this picture that Louise is suspicious of what the Man Child is up to.

Louise gets down very gracefully with a little help from her friends.

And then we are shown how it is supposed to be done....

Great job Stella!

I am sure you can guess the pun coming now......

We got out of the frying pan and.....
the Man Child was thrown into the fire!

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