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Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's Raining Deer

Two weeks ago, whilst on vacation, I get a phone call that the Man Child killed a deer.

My first thought was.....

......CRAP! He was in my car, wasn't he!

As my blood pressure was escalating, I calmly asked about the extent of the damage to the vehicle....
...and, oh yes......is Man Child alright.

"What do you mean, damage to the vehicle?  I didn't say he HIT the deer. I said that the Man Child KILLED a deer."

Okay. I guess I had vacation brain, or something. Isn't that the same thing? I know that it is not deer season, so no tags have been acquired and no shotguns have discharged......

I'll bite then......the story went like this:

Man Child was driving home from work at oh-dark-early in the morning, and a cute little deer was standing in the road.  The cutie patootie was just standing there, in the middle of the road, minding his own business.  I am confident that if there was a mirror available, he would have been admiring his lovely little four-point rack he was sprouting.

Man Child slowed the car.
The deer stood...still minding his own business.
Man Child rolled closer, the gravel crunching under the tires
of my mighty V-Dub.
The deer stood, holding firm to his little piece of roadway.....

Man Child rolled down the window, leaned his head out quietly.....
........and yelped with all his might,


It frighted the poor dear (ha, did you see the switch in the letters from deer to dear?) so badly that he leapt into the air and promptly hopped, skipped, and jumped OVER the bridge.

He plummeted to his death onto the highway below.

The strangest part of this story was, Tall Man was returning home via said highway below, and witnessed the strange phenomena of the deer falling over the bridge.

What are the chances!?!

Man Child as Robin Hood way back when...
Well, I will tell you the chances......

Bambi's girlfriends were standing on the same corner this morning, obviously up to no good.

Man Child, once again, rolls slowly to a stop.
No flinch from Bambi's girlfriends......
Man Child creeps forward.
He must have been using his cloaking device....
He rolls down the window and with the same yelp as before, hollers, "DEER!"

You guessed it......
Jane Doe Number One takes a flying leap over the bridge.

Man Child said it was like watching a slow motion re-enactment of the previous incident.  The sweet thing tried quickly to correct herself, flipping in the air.  She must have thought she could flip around and grab onto the ledge of the bridge.  She forgot a vital piece of information though......

.......deer do not have thumbs!

Man Child quickly called Tall Man and a nice policeman.
He had dreams of venison jerky from this one.
She didn't hit hard at all......and then.....

......she jumped up and ran up the hill, leaping to safety over the fence.  The boys searched for a bit, but never did find her.
Denied venison once again.

The message here?

Watch out folks.....
.......it's raining deer in Iowa!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preferred Language


We all love filling them out....don't we?

Do you ever feel a little twitchy as you fill in line after line of what is "expected"?  The stress of some of the questions....and the answers we want to give.

Marital Status: Happily

Ethnicity:  Why do I have to be Hispanic or Non-Hispanic?
Why can't I be Anglo European?

Preferred language:

Koine Greek?
Pig Latin?
Swear Like a Pirate?

Any more, if you list some obscure language, chances are the establishment might actually pull the rabbit out of their hat and have someone who speaks that language.  We have become a global society.

So what is the winning answer of Preferred language is........


What do you think that will get me?

God, the Artist

I have been cleaning and moving things around my studio for a few days now.

I have a list....
     .....the art I want to make.....
             .....the ideas in my head........

I almost have a few areas rearranged and even pulled
a few items out of drawers to start brainstorming on.

Giant aerial photos....the possibilities!

My sketchbook from vacation.

....and then I just had to go outside!

Not just ANYWHERE outside,
but a trip out to Miss Effie's for some flowers.
This has been a strange year in my own garden...battling the weeds and not able to find any flowers in the tangles of grasses and purslane (let's not get started on that blasted purslane).

She had already sold fifteen buckets of flowers...
...it was one o'clock!

There wasn't much left out there today....lots of buds though!
Her flower beds are about ready to explode in color!

Miss Effie walked me around and helped me find a few flowers though for about a half a bucket of flowers.  What I brought home though.....God is an artist!

Small bouquet No. 1

Check this one out! A malformed flower.
I think two heads are better than one!

Tiny bouquet No. 2 for my vanity.

Tiny bouquet No 3. for my desk!
The colors!
Bouquet No. 4 for my kitchen table...love that yarrow!

 And then this little one peeked out at me......
                         ......the brushstrokes are perfect!
....and the color!  This little beauty is only about 6 inches tall, so I found a special little bottle my mother-in-law just gave me (she knows how much I love blue glass) and I tucked this precious jewel into it.

God is so talented!

Peace found in nature.....thank you Miss Effie!

You can find more on Miss Effie by clicking HERE for her website,
and find her on Facebook too!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

..heavy sigh.....


It is that time.

Time to start packing the car.

Time to begin the migration.


The sand is still calling.

It is calling my name....louder every day.

So many fun times....great stories......
              many laughs......fabulous food....

So much to share.

For now though, know that the stories and pictures are in my little box on my lap.  They will all go home with me and I will begin to write.....and to share.....and to laugh again with all of you.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Road Well Traveled 2014.3.5: The Rest of the Story

Yeah - I know.  My post about yesterday was just because of the song stuck in my head.  I love that song.....always makes me think about that movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant....

You know me though....there is always another spin to the story.

We rocketed out of Huntsville as early as we could get started.  We really thought that we might hit a "little" traffic around Birmingham, but nothing like what we encountered.

We started rolling along fast.....like "rocket" fast!  Is it something about people that live around Space Centers? Do they really need to drive "that" fast?  I don't want to point fingers or name names, because I don't want to get anyone in trouble.  Let me just say that my darling brother, let's call him OpSec, drives much faster than the posted speed limit, and for some insane reason, Dad decided he needed to keep up.  I hinted around for awhile, trying to be polite, but OpSec just didn't get the clue.

We slowly moved along by zipping and braking....and zipping and braking.......the whole way.  It was truly the idea of "hurry up and wait."  As we drove along, I kept seeing election signs along the roadway.  I love reading the names on those signs....and sometimes you get one that is just AWESOME!  The treat of the day was.....

.....Chip Beeker!  His resume reads: prior to running for office in Alabama, he worked in the laboratory in the Beast's Castle....ha...ha....get it?  I laughed all the way through the state trying to get that picture!

We finally took a pit stop.....remember this picture from earlier?

I had to snap a picture of this strange phenomenon.  As we pulled into the rest stop in a straight line, all of the car doors opened in unison and lines of people began to file into the restrooms. It was like synchronized swimming....or would it be synchronized stopping....or would it be synchronized peeing!  The choreography was fabulous!  I wish I had video for the occasion!

This is when I finally had to say something and told OpSec that he had to slow down.  I seriously thought I was going to have an accident if he didn't back off just a little bit.....it was just too fast for the driving conditions. (I know....I am a party pooper!) I also said something to the Boss (my sister-in-law) while we were in the restroom....I knew she would say something as we pulled out again.

As we got back on the road, my phone rang:

Me: "Hello?"
OpSec: "Are we on speaker?"
Me: ".....no."
OpSec: "What is this about how fast we are travelling?"
Me: "Oh. Don't worry about that anymore."
Opsec: "What?"
Me: "Well....I put some quarters in a machine back there at the rest stop and got myself a pair of OOPS, I CRAPPED MY PANTS!  I'm good now.....don't worry about me.....seriously!  Slow Down!"

(After the laughter cleared in both cars, the speed became a little better...)

We slowed down a little and traffic started getting a little more manageable.  We were moving at about normal speed......and finally crossed the state line.

We continued into the fabulous land of Florida, just in time to see the harvest of......

the Marshmallow crops!  I was so excited to see this elusive crop harvested......

When all was said and done, this ended up being a very long day in the car.  We all needed some humor, a beer, and some pizza.  We all felt like we had been to.....

...... hell and back.....did you know they had special parking for Hell?  But I guess just if you plan to come back.....

            ....but we finally made it to.....


A Road Well Traveled - 2014.3: They Paved Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot

The interstate was a parking lot most of the trip.

They paved paradise 
And put up a parking lot 
With a pink hotel, a boutique 
And a swinging hot spot 

Don't it always seem to go 
That you don't know what you've got 
Till it's gone 
They paved paradise 
And put up a parking lot

More parking lot....and bridges that don't quite line up?

They took all the trees 
Put 'em in a tree museum * 
And they charged the people 
A dollar and a half just to see 'em 

Pit row at the Rest Stop

Don't it always seem to go 
That you don't know what you've got 
Till it's gone 
They paved paradise 
And put up a parking lot

We're here! Paved Paradise and lines of cars. 

Don't it always seem to go
That you don't know what you've got
Till it's gone
They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

They paved paradise
And put up a parking lot

lyrics taken from http://jonimitchell.com/music/song.cfm?id=208
© Siquomb Publishing Company 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Road Well Traveled 2014.2: Multi-state Trekking

For the past couple of years, I have trekked across a state with Thelma and Louise....

.....A state.......one.....at a time.....

This is a new kind of trip this year.  A cross-country journey.  Many more days in the car than the typical three days, averaging about twelve hours a day in the car as we run from cool site, to cool site, to cool site.

My travel mates this year are my parental units.  Mom is thrilled with the idea of stopping and seeing some of these American gems.......Dad not so much.  He is trying.  He is attempting to "let go" and be adventurous, but he also wants to get to the final destination and just get out of the car!  I keep hearing the statement, "I never knew this was here!"

We set off on Day Two from glorious Paducah, Kentucky.  The town was packed, the hotels were packed, the restaurants were packed......there was a dog show AND a church convention in town.  Picture thousands of people with a dog leash in one hand a a bible and a drink in the other.  Big hair....on the dogs and the women.....and all those poor dogs in their cones of shame.

We were going to stop for breakfast, but F.N. Hamm did not like out first choice.

He was sweatin' it at this stop!
The special was Ham and Eggs for $2.99!  Eeeek!

We set off down through Kentucky. It was rainy. It was yucky. We didn't wee anything except trees on the roadside....and no fun attractions that we just HAD to stop to see.

I was delighted when we finally saw the light at the end of the short tunnel and saw the sign for....

F.N. Hamm was excited to see the sign!
We pulled into the Welcome Center
and the first place the Iowa boy stops?

The Weather Channel.  You can take the Iowan out of Iowa,
but you can't take the Weather Cannel out of the Iowan....

Dolly was nice enough to hold F.N. Hamm for the picture.

Our official greeter was Dolly!  This is as close as we are going to get to Dollywood OR the Grand Ole Opry, so ....... cheese!

We had one planned stop by Mom.  Beachhaven Winery in Clarksville.  We stopped to check out the unique gift shoppe and to do a little sampling.

Jazz pig!

Wine sampling....can you cure bacon in wine?
We were off and running again to glorious Nashville!  
No detours here....that were planned anyway.

F.N. points out danger ahead!
Warning! Warning!
We did a little of Dad's tourism along the way.....
...quick....take that picture!

Look....it's the Batman Building in Nashville!

Our final have-to stop in Tennessee was to see the Giant Chicken Chef at the Elkton, TN exit along I-65.  We were nervous it wouldn't be there. It was rumored that the gas station was being torn down last year.....but surprise!

Can you find F.N. in the fork?
Guess what's for breakfast?
They built a NEW Shell station and left the chicken!  I was so excited!

We pulled into Bro's house in the afternoon and spent the day relaxing.  We are off on our continuing trip with the whole family now.  I can't wait to see what adventures we have ahead of us.....

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Road Well Traveled: 2014.1 New Travel Partners

How I love thee.....finally......you are here.

I has been a long, never-seeming-to-end winter.  All I can say is.....snow days!

I finally packed up my classroom, spent a couple days at home getting life in a kind of order and.....
.......I'm OFF!

This year I am road tripping with Mommy and Daddy!  They have been so overjoyed on our trip today, anxiously awaiting to see what adventure awaited us around the next bend in the road.

Dad getting gassed up!
Our first stop was in Effingham, Illinois, along I-57.  Daddy kept asking, "How far off the road do we have to drive?"  Dad is not one to go off the beaten path....never has been.  He was definitely out of his comfort zone on this trip.

I picked this first one, because I really thought he might like stopping at a replica of a 1910 gas station.  It was pretty cool to see. The idea was you can pull your car up and have a photo op "filling" your car with gas.  I was worried that the mighty Durango might not fit in that little drive, so I didn't mention this opportunity to the parental units.  I could just see the news crews showing up to show the crazy Iowa family that got stuck at the fake gas station.....yeah - I would have waved!

The bonus was a museum call My Garage with a Corvette display and some awesome VW stuff!  Did I mention that this was FREE?

A nifty VW Cow!
I named it Farfegnugen.

High five at the Drive-In!
 The coolest thing we found in the gift shop was this awesome bucket of PIGS!  The idea is to take the pig and photograph it where ever you go on vacation.  Guess which piggy came home with me?

"Pick me, Pick me!"

Yup....do you see him peeking?  Have Pig....Will Travel!

On our way out of Effingham, the pig showed us the other site they are famous for....

The Cross at the Crossroads.
It is located at the junction of I-57 and I-70.
Holy Buckets was it TALL!
That'll do pig, that'll do.

We did a Dad tourism trip for our next site.  It goes kinda like this.....

"Hey, look!  There is that Mini Washington Monument you wanted to see! Quick pull out your camera and snap a picture! Why even stop at that one....it is soooo close to the road!"  This is Dad's idea of vacation.  You can see the sites of DC and never have to leave Illinois!  Whoo hoo! Bonus points!

Our final stop for the day was Metropolis.......the home of SUPERMAN!  I was so excited to get my picture with the statue, or maybe even see the Man of Steel HIMSELF!

Little did I know that it is Superman Celebration Weekend!  I am talking carnival rides and a Superman on every corner.  This became another dream vacation for Dad. Drive by photos, no museum lines....no funnel cakes.  Ugh.....so not fair!

This is as close as we could get without having to walk blocks through the chaos. The small bonus was a twofer.  The huge statue AND the Man of Steel.  Thank goodness for a telephoto lens on my camera! If only a shop would have been open to get a cape of my very own....dreaming now, I know.

So we got turned around to head back out of the mighty Metropolis and finally......

......out of Illinois.
Day one complete.