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Monday, December 24, 2012

Another Roadtrip Adventure

My car has seen many miles this year.  This time, I was just tootling over to Chicago land for a family Christmas.  We typically travel the toll road just to cut down some traffic and so we can stop at the DeKalb Oasis.  It is the perfect timing to stop for a Starbucks coffee and to take a potty break.

This time, I was met with confusion!

Sure - it looks like a regular rest stop toilet....however....that is not a memorial placard above the toilet.

They now have water saving toilets!!  Is that awesome??  Until.....

I look down and the questions begin.....

The sign is backwards from the placard.

I then start to wonder in my little brain......

1.  Did the plumber install the sticker upside down?

2.  Did the plumber install the flusher part upside down?  This one made most sense to me since most normal humans flush public toilets with their foot.

3.  Do I flush three times if I know I need that extra water in the tank??

4. If I flush the toilet.....will the water splash out since the water drops are upside down?  Maybe this is really a WARNING sticker!

Our little crew experimented with each flush a number of times to try to compare the flushes.  We decided there really wasn't much difference in the amount of water or the force of the water, so is there really a need for the green handle and stickers?

We also came to the conclusion that they probably use MORE water because of scientific minds like ours!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Taken For a Ride

Why do women always get taken for a ride at a car dealership? 

Do they really think we are idiots?  

Charging for services they think we will just pay for?

There are crooked people out there that think they can add a charge and get money from you because you just write the check or swipe your card.  They think because they tell you something  HAS to be done – you will just PAY?

I have one service company for my car.  
They do all the work on my vehicle…..vehicles.


So when I am told that I have added the wrong coolant to my car and now it MUST be flushed and refilled ….. all for the bargain price of $180?

NO!  Check your records.  You are the ONLY place my car comes to…so who added the wrong coolant? 

They continue to insist I will have to pay for this service. 


........call to Tall Man.

Fifteen minutes later – Tall Man calls me and says…..

They will be flushing the coolant and there will be no charge.


A special statement:  
I do want to add that it is not always the fault of a service manager to try to force these add on sales.  Many owners want a certain amount of money to come through their garages each month, so quotas are set for these managers to bring in X number of dollars.  They don't like it either.  I hold no grudge against the gentleman at the desk.  He is just doing his job......at my expense.