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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Searching For Supermom

Here I go.

I am going back to school.

You heard me.
I am really going to do it.

I have applied.
I have been accepted.
I have spoken to advisors........


What the h&!! am I doing?

I may need my cape back.
I need to be organized.
I need to meet deadlines.

I need Art Classes?

Deep breathing exercises.

Fetal position.

Additional hours in the day.

I think I need a super hero cape......
.......it is in the closet somewhere.

I Used To Be A Supermom is where this all started.
The realization that I was failing.
Failing? Is that right?

No. Older??  Let's not go there either.

I have a week to find that cape.
School starts in my classroom in a week.
Classes start online and at the university in a week and a half.

I can do this...but I am sure I will be ranting a lot!