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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking For........

I have started a new blog addition to Rantings.
If you look at the orange bar above this post, you can click on it.

It is called haiku-a-da.

It is a family project.  We used to sit around the table at night and share our day in syllables.  Yes.....you had to tell about your day in a haiku format. We would laugh at some of the creations and it helped us choose our words carefully.

I also started it so I would have to write something.
I have had serious writers block lately.
I have also been trying to find a direction for me... for my art...

My haiku today:

Do you ever have.....
a day that you're waiting for....
anything.....at all?

I have been waiting.....and waiting.
I am not quite sure what I am waiting for though.

It sure is NOT the coughing crud that I have developed.
It sure is NOT for Tall Man to walk in the door.
It sure is NOT for anyone to step up and do chores so I don't have to.

I am searching again.......

searching for a pattern.

Daily patterns?
Traffic patterns?
Sewing patterns?

I am not quite sure......... yet.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tooth Fairy Troubles

I have a terrible memory.....

I forgot things ALL the time while my children were growing up.  I always told them they could blame me when they go to therapy some day....I accept the blame now.

I was reminded of one of my shortcomings of a mother this morning by a friend's post on Facebook.

Her son lost a tooth and she didn't have coins to put under her pillow.  As she is getting ready to raid HIS piggy bank for the quarters (my kids had banks I would have to break to try to get anything out of it), she found a folded up two dollar bill in her stash.
What a GREAT MOM!!

I, of course, gave her a few tips from my past.....

This is where Peanut, Frog and Man Child should stop reading.
I know you still believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Santa, and I don't want your world to crumble.

Parents - to you I say...where there is a will AND creativity, there is a happy child.

<<place quarters next to a window or on a ledge>>

The Drive-by Tooth Fairy - "The Tooth Fairy was running so far behind, because so many kids lost their teeth yesterday, she left the stack of quarters on the window ledge!"

<<place quarters in the refrigerator, move some food around>>
<<a spill adds to the excitement!>>

The Drive-thru Tooth Fairy - "The Tooth Fairy got hungry and left your stack of quarters in the refrigerator."

You can also use this last one when you eat the last pudding in the fridge for breakfast and blame it on the Tooth Fairy...it is a win-win for all!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Welcome to Twenty-OH-Thirteen!

A new year.

We all make resolutions to do something different.  
Something better.  

The list I made on my Facebook page….

Sleep past 5 AM
   Spend more time with Tall Man
         Lead a revolution to use Citrus Cleaners 
             Make Art!

I do have a few more lifestyle changes though….who doesn't want to get healthier and lose weight.  I think those are the number one on EVERYONE'S list…..yes?

The good news is I lost weight over the holidays…..yes, I LOST weight!  I am confident that it will find its way back home again, but I will try to evasively run and hide. 

I should probably give up my breakfast bars.  They are heaven made by my Mom.........Kringla – a Swedish, yummy, cake cookie – the breakfast of champions!

photo credit: recipe.com
……and this is what is left of mine.

Mom - they are almost gone......

I just want to add that I do not put powdered sugar or frosting I mine.  I do make some healthy choices.  I only use pure butter. 
Maybe I should resolve to learn how to bake these little bad boys….

Organization…….yeah – I gotta get me some of that too.

Bring my family together……a project!  You have to watch for this one, but it has to do with some technology……

Technology….the last thing on my list. 

I am beginning to despise technology.  I know – I am using it right now…don’t get your panties in a bunch.  I use it in my job.  I use it to stay connected with my family and friends, but I am frustrated. 

There will be new rules this year. 
There will be blackouts.......zero technology times.

And WRITE…..
I make a resolution to write more this year.  I find if I Rant to all of you…..I leave Tall Man alone a little bit more.  Love you honey!