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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Road Well Traveled 2013 - 2.1 The Apex of our Journey

We set out once again from Rhinelander and the Hodag.

We stopped to see two sites as we passed.

World's Largest Penny

Driving in the middle of nowhere.

Corrugated Man getting a high five from
Louise - watch out for that gun!

.....and then....

This is what we have been traveling for.
The apex, the height of our journey, the joy, the thrill.......

Phillips, Wisconsin.
Home of Concrete Park!

Everything made out of ..... concrete.

With glass and beer bottles.

Concrete Park was conceived and built by Fred Smith, 
a retired lumberjack.  What is not shared though, is Louise's uncle 
also helped in the creation of this incredible folk art monument.  

All of the sculptures had some meaning, some importance to Fred Smith. We just didn't always understand why he created what he did, so I made sure to take a few photos of what Mr. Smith wrote about the sculptures.

Stella and Louise were so excited to get to the next sculpture!

The mosquitoes were huge!  I think they could have picked up a small child and carried them away... we were batting bugs like crazy!

Louise was so excited, she had to call home!

Lincoln looks like a lumberjack.

 We even found a prospective beau for Stella - tall and everything!  I think the little guy in front was ready to officiate on the spot!  Go Stella!

He looks like a fine,
upstanding gentleman!

The statues may be quirky, but this is a definite stop on the map if you are around Phillips.  This is true, American Folk Art at it's finest.  The work that was put into each piece, creating personality and a sense of character........ and did I mention the attention to detail?


The trip continues tomorrow!

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