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Monday, June 10, 2013

The Final Destination: Art-O-Mat

I had one more mission to accomplish while in Detroit.

I learned about this cool way to share art through a friend's Facebook page called the Art-O-Mat.

It is this awesome, refurbished cigarette machine
that dispenses ART!
What a cool thing to get people addicted to!

I have been researching how to submit work to Art-O-Mat, but had just a few more "questions" about packaging.  What better way to research than to find a machine and buy some art?

I looked on the Art-O-Mat website to find locations and BINGO......a little side trip to Royal Oak today and there it was!

There she is - isn't she gorgeous?

So many choices and a $10 budget.

Selection number one - a small dog painting.

My treasure and another fiver.

Here it goes!

Treasure Number TWO!


Who knew there could be such AWESOME STUFF that comes in the size of a cigarette box.....and art is healthy for you too!

Do you want more information on the Art-O-Mat Art Dispensers?  Click here to check out their website and locations of real live Art-O-Mat's near you!

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monkeytime said...

Thanks for the 'small dog painting' purchase-that's mine! #Postsfromthedog