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Friday, June 21, 2013

The Road Well Traveled 2013 1.0

Setting: Wisconsin
Players: Thelma, Louise and Stella

Set the odometer to zero and let's get the show on the road!

We searched the maps for ALL the excitement Wisconsin has to offer and down the road we went.  We set off on our adventure through the state of Illinois utilizing the fabulous Tollway system.

yes...she is holding it up to the window...

I know what I am buying Louise for Christmas......the velcro stripping for her I-Pass!  

As we crossed the border, the Wisconsin Tourism Office offered a fabulous opportunity to chronicle our adventures.   

I really thought I had my camera all set and ready to go for this trip, but we had a LOT of pictures of our toes while I figured out the silly timer.

My camera strap.
Stella's cute toes.

oops....didn't make it.

We ran into the Rest Stop to check out the maps and tourism information (in case we might have missed something).  There were very few maps out on the racks and it was hard to find information for the areas of the state that we were visiting.  We finally asked some questions (like, "Where the heck are all those Cheese Shacks and FREE Wine Tasting places?")  We finally figured out that those cute little Wisconders were hoarding the good maps behind the counter......I think they wanted to keep all the wine and cheese to themselves!

Stella was so excited to find those maps - she was leaping for joy!

Woot!  We are off!

As we set off for our first site, we figured that Wisconsin saw us coming..... because they were all leaving!  I think they heard about our last adventures!

The first pin on our map was a Truck in a Tree in Clinton, WI.  This sits on private property, so you can just take pictures from the roadside.

But we still had some fun!

Okay - enough of this one....let's rocket out of here girls and head to the attraction of the day....

(stay tuned for the next installment - I am typing as fast as my little fingers can type!)

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