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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Schearing Scheep in the Schity!

The entire reason for my trip across the mitten state was SHEEP!

I was invited to share sheep shearing 
on a Schaterday in the schity.....
(You try saying that a few times without beginning to shhhhh every other word!)

Tall Man and I had a great look around of the farm and all of the animals, but I was very excited to see the sheepies hanging out in their pen.  All I have been thinking about since I received my invite was the City Sheep.  Ideas have been running through my brain for weeks now.

City Sheep.

Meet Alice.  She will be our guide and shearer for the morning.  She got her start with a 4-H Project and learned to shear.  She was a great teacher to many today at the farm.

If you read my post yesterday (click here to read yesterdays blog), you will remember that this is a community farm, providing many farming skills to a city environment.

If you wanted to give it a try, Alice would help you out.
Talk about opening your vision to new experiences!

I finally got my turn.  Tall Man named my ewe Jelly.
She was a quiet girl, but had the driest fleece ever.  Man, was she hard to shear.  Alice made it look so easy.  But I gave it the old college try.

I bagged up four fleeces at the end of the morning.  I have some work to do, but I will do it.  They are city sheep - so I think I will go the extra mile for them.

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