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Saturday, June 8, 2013

A New Victory Garden

I received a very special invitation to visit a farm.
Not just any farm.....a farm in the middle of the city.

We were greeted upon arrival....this must be the place!

The urban sprawl is disappearing from the landscape in this city, and is slowly being replaced with....nature.

This is community at it's finest.  People coming together, working together, to make something better.

Row houses long since abandoned and burned out are being torn down to make way for progress.

Not the progress in the sense of how we normally think of it.
No new skyscrapers or apartment buildings.

Farmland.  One block at a time.

Vegetables are started at a greenhouse and then transported and transplanted into the ground by volunteers.  Friends, and friends of friends, who receive an invitation to P.P.P.I.G. (Putting Pingree Plants In Ground).

They come out with their families and plant.  Each person is given two flats, a trowel and an aluminum stick to measure proper growing distance.  No knowledge of plants needed.  All the tools are there!  Genius!

And they plant.

And they listen to awesome music.

This is the new model of growth.
And yes....the vegetables produced are harvested by people in the neighborhood.  They are given freely to provide nourishment to anyone who wants it.

Take time to check out their blog at Pingree Farms.

This is a model we should all be following in our communities, to help bring us all closer together, to create community.

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