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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Road Well Traveled 2013 : 1.3 Four Hundred Miles and Rolling

The wheels are still spinning.

We left Madison and headed toward Waunakee, to check out a Bavarian-themed business.  I knew what we were looking for, but was surprised by the amount of decor.

We were greeted by this Bavarian giant as we turned onto Billy Goat Lane.  That should be your clue right there....we came to see the GOATS!

The kids were adorable and playful.

They even did a little climbing on the rocks for us!

We really wanted to see them climb the tower, but it just didn't happen.  We tried to entice the sweet little goaties, but three Iowa chicks yelling, "Here goatie, goatie, goatie!"  just didn't do the trick.

We loaded up in the car once more to see our final couple of sights for the day. We  were really looking forward to these two!

We jumped back on I-90/I-39/I-94 (Wisconsin is so big, it takes three interstates  joined together to make it all the way through....I think they are there to handle all of the deer traffic!) and northward ho!

We trekked a little bit to the town of DeForest and found....

A Pink Elephant

"No...I don't want to go yet!"
 But right across the road is...Sissy the cow!

 As we crawled back into the car again, we decided we accomplished a lot in one day.  Three more hours to our hotel and a restful night in Wausau.

Looking forward to sharing Day Two of our fabulous trip........stay tuned!

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Laura Ullman said...

Hey you found my pink elephant! That's the one we always visited when going to college and the reason I have so many pink elephants in my classroom. Awesome.