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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Road Well Traveled 2013 - 1.1

Louise, Stella and I decided we should phone ahead to some of our pin points on the map of Wisconsin, just to double check that the location was open for business or if it was even still there at all.

I used my handy dandy iPad to take a snap shot of each place we were visiting this year, so our entire plan was at my fingertips.

Our next stop was the one we were really looking forward to.....
A Two-Story Outhouse!
And the icing on the cake was Abraham Lincoln used it!

Holy cheese curds!  This was going to be AWESOME!

I read Stella the phone number and she anxiously awaited an answer.

(...of course we only got one side of the conversation....)

"Is this the two-story outhouse?......
This is the phone number on our information.......
Yes - it really says you have a two-story outhouse......."

It turns out it is a MUSEUM...
that has a second floor privy....
with FOUR holes!
Cracked Pepperjack!  We have a winner!

So we set our GPS for the

Lincoln-Tallman House

440 N. Jackson St., Janesville, WI

We pulled up to a gorgeous Italianate villa style house built between 1855-87.

I, of course, had to ask about the possibility of any discount that might be offered.  It costs a whopping $8 to get in.  The greatest joy though was asking for the Lutheran School Teacher discount.  Our lovely guide behind the counter was surprised and excited, because she, too,  is a Lutheran educator in the area!  She thinks she even signed up for my class I am presenting in October in Milwaukee....such a small world!  Woot!

Stella and her ticket
We set off on our tour.
Have I mentioned yet that it was Father's Day?
There were many Dad's on this tour....and we were introduced as the gals that left our men at home to do what we wanted to do.....there were a few grumbles from the men who were present.

We learned a lot of history on our tour.
Those Lutheran educators are incredible!

There was this great plaque installed by the historical society  by the front door.  Louise looked right at me and asked if my Tall Man has ever been here.  I decided this could be my house since his name was on the front door!  Unfortunately, the oil painting looked nothing like Tall Man.....

I wonder if my Tall Man will look like this someday...
I could do with out the beard.
We heard many stories about Lincoln's visit to the house before he was president. The historical society did have solid proof Lincoln really did stay in the house, so the White House sent a gift that is in the bedroom he slept in.

 This is a candlestick from the Lincoln china used during his presidency.

Presidential Seal
Louise, Stella and I were beginning to get anxious.  We really wanted to see one thing..... and only one thing.  Where in the world is this two-story outhouse that is in the house??

This was a real modern marvel for the Tallman family.  A private privy on the second floor!  Mr. Tallman even had the holes made for the different family members....so the little ones wouldn't fall through.

...and then the square hole.  I wondered if it was there in case you ate too much cheese.

Our guide explained that small commodes (buckets?) were left in each room at night, just in case.  The privy is actually located on the back corner of the house and the family would have to walk past the servants quarters to use the privy.  There is no way a lady would walk out of her quarters in her nightgown at night, so the commodes would be emptied by the staff in the mornings in the larger square hole.  Makes sense....I would hate to miss!

And what was the greatest part of the tour?

Thelma, Louise and Stella

(remember to tune in again tomorrow for another installment of our trip to Wisconsin!)

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