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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Grass is Always Greener

As I have gone through life, I have always had envy.  Who doesn't? I wanted a pony, I wanted fashionable clothing, I wanted store bought underpants.  

I spent a lot of time trying to climb over that fence to get to the wonderful, soft, dew-kissed green carpet of loveliness.  

I always wanted to fit in.  I would do anything anyone asked me to do.  I am way too nice.  You know the type of person.  They just don't know how to say, "No."

I watch my children now.  There is no question that they are mine.

They make gifts, they bake cookies, they chauffeur, they offer hospitality if someone is hungry, needs a place to stay....and what do they get? A plate of poo.

No phone calls (unless the group needs a ride) and no invitations (unless the group needs a ride).

All we ever wanted? One great friend.  A person to bare our soul to. A person to laugh with, cry with, tell our deepest secrets to, and never have to worry that another person will ever hear about it.  A person who will accept us for who we are. A person who loves and supports.  A person who helps bake the cake AND helps clean up the dishes.  

and then, one day.......

There they are.  My sisters.  The ones I can call upon in an emergency, and yes, they will show up, with friends.

And the greatest thing about my sisters of this field? They are a positive, and powerful influence for my kids.  They are true women.  Women who can stand on their own two feet and accomplish their goals in life, without worrying that they might break a nail or wrinkle their cheer uniform.

Yep.  This grass is really green!  

Maybe it's all that fertilizer!


Miss Effie said...

Thank you for letting me be your friend. :)

Christine said...

Like Anne of Green Gables, we long for that bosom friend, that kindred spirit to laugh with and cry with. When hope seems lost that such a person exists, that there will ever be a place to fit in, one day there's an open chair in a room full of kindred spirits. What a blessing that is! (Dare I thank the baby Jesus?)

I will at least thank YOU, for this beautiful post that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you, Julie! I am honored to know you.