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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Rant: My Mom Says We Come From Monkeys...

A rant of an artist….not a scientist. 
  1.  Where are all the in-between species?  Wouldn’t the monkeys still be evolving?  As we walk down the path of the jungle, why are we not walking from Village Habilis, to Erectus Town and on to Sapiens City.
  2. A tail.  This fact was pointed out to me yesterday.  We lost our tail because we no longer swing through the trees…..    So wouldn’t acrobats still have a tail? Or do they just tuck it in their costumes?  And is this why we are so uncoordinated now?  Is this why my Frog falls down for no apparent reason?  It doesn’t seem like we won on this one.
  3. Jacobson’s organ. This organ is found in most animals and helps detect the pheromones of the opposite sex.  Hmmmm.  I don’t know about you, but I can smell when my man comes home with the kill, whether it be from the deer urine he sprayed on himself while hunting, or the pizza from my favorite takeout joint.
  4.  Natural selection removed our thick hair.  The last time I went to the salon, Betsy did that for me…
  5. Monkey toes.  Come on people!  If we evolved, wouldn’t we still have monkey toes?  Could you imagine how much we could multitask if we still had a thumb on our foot?  Would it be a thumb?  Or would they be called our Fumb, our Big Thumb, our Bigumb?
  6. We open our bananas the wrong way.  Monkeys open a banana from the end, not from the stem.  Try it.  All those yucky strings that people spend another minute pulling off are not there if you open a banana the way a monkey does.  Obviously in evolution, we lost those SMARTS.

Yep….God made me! He made me perfect in His eyes! I am His child!

He knows how many hairs are on my head, and how many hairs Betsy removed for me.

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