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Friday, January 13, 2012

A Rant

   One of the newest items I have been receiving are notices on Facebook called Causes.  I don’t know how these pages are created or who creates them, but I am a little annoyed by them.  I am aware that there are some real causes in the world, country, state and local areas, however, the causes that people seem to join seem to be a little ridiculous.

   Do people research what they are joining and sending money to?  Do you understand what the underlying goal is of an organization is and what they are going to do with your money? 

   The cause that has my panties in a bunch right now is a group that wants to save Military Service Dogs from being euthanized. 

   Okay people, listen.  Don’t you think there is a reason these dogs are being put down?  It is an animal  that has been trained for a specific mission with one goal in mind.  When it is triggered, the dog will complete the mission.  I would not want that dog in my house, around my children, or even around a person I don’t like very well.  They can become violent and aggressive suddenly.  Do you have the specialized training to control that animal? What is the command to turn it off?

   The other part of this argument though is that they are veterans.   How could we do this to our veterans?  They have served and sacrificed for our country!!  Let’s send money to save these dogs!  How about the human veterans?

   Oh, I forgot.  Those cute doggies are so much more lovable than those mean old soldiers who have been trained to just kill little children.  Let’s not even get started down THAT path. 

   Those mean old soldiers have a brain.  They can process between right and wrong.  They have families who want their sons, their husbands, and their fathers back the way they were before they left.  And you are sending your money to a dog?

   By the way.  There is an organization that helps you adopt retired military service dogs.  There are some great dogs out there, if you are qualified to get one.  And they are deserving of a great family so they can enjoy a real doggie life of fetching and loving.

   Okay, I am putting my soap box away for today and I am heading outside to shovel a path so I can hug a tree.


Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...
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Kathy ~ Cackles and Berries said...

Amen! I am an animal lover but it seems that more and more people in our society want to treat animals as if they are humans. Its said when animals are put before the needs of the people in our society.