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Saturday, January 7, 2012

And I Thought I Might Miss Puppy...

Detroit City. The new home away from home for Tall Man.  I packed my pretty clothes for the weekend and set off for some parties and to meet up with some friends (Hi Friends! It was great to see you!)

We had a wonderful evening.  I always love these get aways because Tall Man is a phenomenal chef.   He has a great little apartment in a nice little neighborhood.  We set him up with some new furniture to make it an awesomely cool bachelor pad.  He got an awesomely cool new mattress that I crashed out on for almost 12 hours!

I think it is because there were no little doggies shaking their jingling tags and begging for breakfast time or a late night potty time!  

I was so relaxed, snoozing away, when.....what was that?  Whimpering?  And then the feet started running.  Little bitty dog paddles.  Panting.  A whimper. More frantic doggie paddles.  Then there was the high pitched, "Heeeeelp me."


Am I at home and Puppy is dreaming?  You can picture it, can't you?  Puppy stretched out on her side, with her paws flying through the meadow....woof, thwoof. Her huge lips flapping as she pushes air through them.

I had to sit up to figure out where I was and realized it was Tall Man.  He was running!  In bed!   "Heeeeelp me!"

"Are you dreaming?"


"What are you dreaming about?"


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