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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Why do I have to always play bad cop?  Good cop gets to talk smoothly, make the guilty party feel comfortable with what they have done wrong.  Make them feel okay about what they have done.  And then they quietly say, "yes, i am so sorry I did that."  But there are times...... There is no politeness involved with certain matters.  There are rules, and there are laws.  And when you break the rules, it is easier just to admit it.  But when you pussy foot around it?  Bad cop shows up.

Bad cop's job is to tear them down, slam their fingers in a drawer, make them feel guilty.  Good cop just stands behind the two way glass and observes.  The perp is praying that good cop will walk back into the room any second.  The sweat begins on the brow....

Is every mother really a bad cop?  Do mothers inherit a specific gene that makes us bad cop?  Where does the venom come from that hurts the ones we love?  Where is good cop when you need him?

So right now, there is spite, there is silence.  No words, no texts back to answer a question.  Silence.  And Puppy? Well of course I get no words from her....dogs don't talk! (although, there is a story there too.)

No.  Puppy has her own speak.  She spitefully poo'd right in front of me, not once, not twice, but three times!  

Yep.  I am bad cop.  


the other lion said...

I think for some reason it just hits us a little deeper. I don't know. Not that we care more, but that we take it personally maybe? So then our reaction is bigger. Chin up. You are an awesome momma.

Julie said...

It was very personal. This is my home. I think crossing THAT line makes it too personal. I was terribly disappointed in decisions that were made.