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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Bit of Spring...

I has been cold, blustery and just generally gloomy about. I go to work in the dark. I come home in the dark.

Deep sigh......

I need spring.

So today I made a bit of spring. I checked out the website of Terrarium Man to make sure I loaded my plants correctly. I do want my spring to last a while! Wow!  Was this easy for a blustery day!

I created one terrarium as a closed environment in a glass jar I found at a thrift shop. I may open it occasionally to try to capture a faerie.

The trick is to put a layer of charcoal between the rocks and some moss to help clean the air inside the jar.

The other terrarium is an open environment. My goal was to stick everything into one jar, but my make believe tree was too tall. So I pulled down a WECK canning jar off a shelf that I had brought home from Germany waaaay back when. It is perfect for my mini tree.

I feel better already.
I think I may need to make more of these.....

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