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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Is Why We Don't Have Nice Things

I want to have nice things.  I try to take care of the stuff in my house, my yard, my garden.  I know, I know.  I have three children, two dogs and a Tall Man.  I should know better, right?

No matter when I decide to finally buy something nice, it doesn't stay nice long.

This is the latest mystery.

I bought it for myself because I loved the colors.  I have no idea how this could have happened.  And no one is talking…yet.

 I got new living room furniture a few years ago.    The rule?  No food in the living room. You guessed it.  There are crumbs in the cushions, chocolate smeared on the upholstery and a cup of coffee spilled down the side of the yellow silk chair...and it wasn't my coffee.

I painted the walls.  There are fingerprints in the stairways, dents from instruments in the wall, a hole by the front door  and coffee drips down the entryway wall...and it wasn't my coffee.

I found beautiful polish pottery at a thrift shop...a blueberry pattern, not easy to find.  No, it didn't have coffee spilled on it.  It was placed under the broiler to brown something and it split in half.  Pottery under the broiler?

The new kitchen floor lasted about 30 minutes without a scratch or gouge.

We won't even discuss the mud on the carpet up the stairs...yes, there is coffee spilled there too.

So I just treated myself to white sheets. And not just any white sheets....white fleece sheets.  Oh, yes, you read that correctly.  Beautiful, white, FLEECE sheets.  I am sleeping on a cloud right now.  

You can almost feel how wonderful they are. 

Heavenly sleep.

And, yes......they are going in the closet before Tall Man gets home.