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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This seems to be a recurring theme in blogs the past few days. You can look at a couple of thoughts by reading Miss Effie and Farm Girl.  We are collectors.  We have stuff.

Is this rant building because of the time of year?  My garbage cans are overflowing with gift wrap and boxes.  I just keep collecting stuff, stuff and more stuff.

I am a mother...I love to see my children's faces as they open their dreams on Christmas morning.  The thrill, the chills, the excitement!  I go overboard every year.  It never fails.  This has to end.

I remember the day...way back....we received socks and underwear every Christmas.  And not just any underwear....

.........homemade underwear.  

Oh, to turn back the clock, to the days of polyester panties and that scratchy elastic.  It was pure torture.

Why can't my children want those simple things in life?  Their list includes video games, computer programs, computers and the tungsten mine to manufacture all of the above mentioned items....it just gets bigger and bigger and more and more and more.....we are always trying to out do each other and keep up with the Jones'.  

So my goal is to simplify my life.  I may have to find that pantie pattern...

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