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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Global Warming

Does anyone wear a coat anymore?  I am amazed at how many people....young and old....head outside without a coat.  Do you know how cold it is outside?

We moved north about thirteen years ago.  We moved from the red soils of Georgia to the Motor City.  We had a terrible time getting Peanut, Frog and the Man Child to put on a coat when they went outside.  

Be prepared.  I was taught as a child you should always be prepared as you set out of the house.  A coat, hat, scarf, gloves, bread crumbs to help find your way home and always wear clean underwear just in case you are in an accident.

Now I watch Peanut's boyfriend wear flip flops in the winter.  None of my children wear a coat anywhere.  They think they are fine just running from the car into the school.  Its not that cold out.....we are only outside for a minute....we will be fine!

I drove Man Child to school last week.  It was a crisp morning, with not much of a warm up forecast for the day.  "Where is your coat?"  " I don't have a place to put it."  What?  When did the Administration decide to remove lockers from the school?  "I am just walking from the car to the school!"  (I wish I could insert the actual audio clip of the whine in the voice.  I know you have all heard it and know what I am talking about.)  

"So what happens when you have to walk home from school?"  " I will just be a little cold, Mom.  I will be fine!  And Frog is driving home after school!"

Let's stop and think again....Be Prepared.  What are the kids taught today? Oh yeah, global warming.  Eureka!  That's it!  Why wear a coat when it is warming so.  Heck, it will be seventy degrees out by the time I get home!  I am prepared for the heat wave coming!

Well, don't call me when your fingers fall off.  And I won't drive you to the Emergency Room.  They don't treat stupidity there.

I guess I will have to replace the trumpet lessons with bugle lessons though....

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