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Thursday, August 30, 2012

YUM! Crust

Oh the joys of running out to grab a quick bite to eat.

This is not a normal event for our family.  We usually end up at a high end restaurant.  One that Chef will come out and speak to us to double check our order....just to make sure he doesn't cook something or cross contaminate food that will ultimately do the Man Child in, or at least send us to the hospital.

We can do burgers at Red Robin......they are awesome for allergy families.

But Man Child can't have bread.....so it is a burger.....a plain burger.

But no more!

Crust Stone Oven Pizza is in the Quad Cities.
Fresh Sicilian style pizza baked in 90 seconds in a stone oven.

Some friends had told me about it, but I wrote it off.....it is crust.....bread....no way!

Tall Man and I took Peanut out for dinner last week to scope it out.
Oh. My. Goodness.

Can we all sing YUM together?

The waiter came back with three items on the menu my son can not have.
Fryer food (soybean oil), the chicken and the artichoke something.

Wait....the crust? Yes. Made with the freshest ingredients....
REAL ingredients!

So the Man Child and I went out for pizza tonight.
We were on the clock...we had 35 minutes for this dinner.
Let's see if their pizza is really as fast as they say.

Two waters, a Sausage Pizza and an order of Grilled Asparagus.

Photo from Crust Stone Oven
facebook  page,
used by permission
Photo from Crust Stone Oven
facebook  page
used by permission

FAST, delicious and the total price?
$20.33 plus a fiver for a tip.

As a parent of an allergy child, this is a Kum ba ya moment!
We have found healthy, fast food!
I highly recommend this place - be sure to check it out.
The service is fabulous.
            The restaurant is CLEAN!
                               And the food is delicious....

photo used by permission
Crust Stone Oven Pizza
facebook page

Crust Stone Oven Pizza
2561 53rd Avenue  Bettendorf, IA 52722

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Crazy Preschool Teacher said...

What great friends to recommend such an awesome restaurant!