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Monday, August 20, 2012

Where is My Camera?

I knew this was a week of events.  I had all my blogs spread out before me......plotted on my calendar.

Today's event was to be a relaxing getaway with Tall Man.

I get to go see what he is building....his job....his people.

I left my camera at home.

The people have an official photographer.

Who knew how many times I would have needed that camera in less than 24 hours.

We brought the convertible to tootle across the countryside.
In this season of drought....we could see the rain ahead.  The lines striped the sky like a bride's veil.  The smell was incredible as the rain pelted the hot asphalt and steamed back into the air.

I missed the picture....where is my camera?

The sky continued to get darker.  There were no lines anymore.  There was only a Crayola Cadet Blue sky....with areas of green glow.


The top went up.  You can only outrun so much in a convertible.  Green glowing sky is not one of them.

It rained so hard, the wetness was coming through the canvas.  I still can't figure out where it was coming from....but I got wet....with the top up.

And once again....where is my camera?  The sky was an incredible sight.....and no way to document it.

.....and the hail began.....pea sized.

We have no dents in the car.  No holes in the canvas.  But we are missing some paint.

Am I able to show you this?

When I get home.......
          where  I left my camera....
                   in the bag....
                           on the hook...

I won't forget it next time.....

....this time I only have words.

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