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Monday, August 13, 2012

It's a Monday.....

It is raining.

Not that I am complaining....my lawn is actually greening up!!  The cracks in the parched earth are beginning to close.

And the games have begun.

The Puppy Game.

Puppy loves rain!  She loves the Rain Game.

The game is to run outside, get wet and then come inside to get dried off.

Yes....she loves her towel.  She leaps in the air at it.  She grasps it in her teeth and plays tug.  She captures it and takes of....sprinting around the house like she just won a gold medal and the towel is her country's flag.

Part of this game though is....how many times can she go outside to come back in and play again,
                                            and again,
                                                      and again.....

Like a typical preschool puppy,
she forgets why she needs to go outside.
            To do her "business".
                                To potty.
                                        To doodle.

Have I ever told you about Puppy's bell?  Yeah, we trained her to ring a bell on the door to tell us she has to go outside.

Needless to say, the bell has had a workout this morning, and yes, she cried wolf one too many times.

I began to ignore her.....
(you may insert now that this is my fault now...)

Puppy got my attention....finally.

She jumped up on my footstool.....



Go ahead and say it......I am listening.....now.


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