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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Told You So......

I was right.
I have been vindicated.

That's right....I told you so!

Frog is finishing up packing...
...pulling things together to leave for college.

Today was the final laundry day.
She moved her wet clothes from the washer to the dryer,
flipped the ON button, and ........ strange buzzing noise.

I wish I could write what the noise sounded like....
but I didn't hear it.  I am imagining it as an electrical frying sound.   
Kind of a ppzzzztph type of a noise.

She opened the dryer to witness an angry orange glow.
It was arcing like crazy in there!

This is where I insert the reminder of a post
way back in February.....The Rules Of Life.
(Be sure to click on the post title Tall Man...
....just to refresh your memory.)

These were valuable lessons
my dad shared with me while growing up
....and yes....you guessed it.....

Rule #1 is true.

Rule # 1

Never, I repeat, never leave the house with the dryer running.  
It could start a fire and burn the house down.

Uh ha.....the house would have burned down today.

So Tall Man....hang your head and shake it all you want....because

              I told you so!

Samsung DV218AEW

PS.....my new dryer will be delivered in a couple weeks.
And a new washer comes with it!!  Not happy
about the added expense in the budget, however...
life goes on and the bills will get paid somehow.

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