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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Rant - Spring Cleaning

It is that time.

I informed the Dear Ones living in my home that Spring Cleaning is upon us.
A list will be hung in each room and that list WILL BE COMPLETED.

Do not pass GO and do not collect $200.

I received some unhappy faces and questioning as to why this must happen again....
Didn't we just do this??

I explained how we need to :

Clean out
               Clean up
                             Remove the cat fur
                                                          Remove the dog fur

So after all the griping and trying to get this crazy, over scheduled day finished up, the Man Child announces ten minutes before needing to leave for a sport practice, "I know this is a bad time to tell you this, but I have no dress pants for the concert tonight..."

So WHERE would they be?  I even called the dry cleaner to see if I forgot to pick them up...nope.

He just wore them for a jazz concert.....they must be in......the room.....the pit.

And where were they, you might be asking yourself right now?

Crumpled up and shoved behind some wadded up sheets ("Those are folded!") in his closet.

And they are asking me WHY we do Spring Cleaning!

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