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Thursday, February 23, 2012


My final job of my high school career was another connection made by my father.  He had a friend who owned a motel in my hometown.  I guess his thought was if I could learn how to clean motel rooms, it might inspire me to clean my own room....

I learned how to make beds and make beds and make beds.

I learned what clean looks like.

I am not sure if you personally ever really look at your hotel room.  Is it really clean?

No visible hair.
Edges of carpet.
No visible hair.
The entire toilet! That means the front and the back!
No visible hair.

We were taught to look under the bed.  We vacuumed edges of carpet using a crevice tool once a week.  We were taught to scrub the toilet.  All of the toilet.  Remove ANY trace of hair.

I dread staying in hotels and motels now.  I usually go through two rooms before I finally tell them what to re- clean.  I want ALL fresh linens.  That means blankets and quilts!  I am demanding.  I have seen gross stuff.  And if it is done right and well?  I tip.

My biggest shock is always the fanciest hotels.  You would think their staff would know what they are doing.  I think they are just lazy.  I have watched how people clean in institution settings. They swish a rag around so they don't have to touch anything.

Stick your hand in and get it done!

I stayed in a fancy  five star my last trip to DC....I shall not mention names.  I left notes. I spoke to staff outside my room. My loving Tall Man finally went to the Concierge.  He figured he could be polite when he asked that our bathroom be checked by Head of Housekeeping AND the Manager.

When we returned from dinner, the poor lady was still in the bathroom scrubbing and apologizing.  I hope no one lost their job.....I just hope they learned how to clean.  It comes down to one thing and one thing only.....PRIDE!

(By the way, I stayed in a small chain hotel in Des Moines the next week......spotless.)

I think this is why I can't hire a cleaning lady......they don't know how to clean.

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the other lion said...

I stayed in a Howard Johnson once in Virginia. It smelled like someone had lived there for a month with their cat, chain-smoking the entire time. I was going to ask for a new room until I visited my friend on the floor beneath us and her room smelled the same way. Some places just need to burn to the ground.