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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House Breaking

I think the bathroom is Puppy's favorite room in the house. 

 She reminds me of a three year old child who has to follow you into the bathroom just to see what you are doing.  

She loves the shower......she likes getting dried off more.

She sits on the toilet to watch make-up time and loves if she gets a swirl of a little blush on her fuzzy, puppy cheeks.

She thinks she is a person.  A member of our family.

So one afternoon, when no one would let her outside, no matter how many times she rang her door bell, she made a human decision.  Where do my people go when they have to go?

The bathroom.

I can picture Puppy staring at the toilet, 
wondering how to open the lid....oh, to have a thumb.
How to balance on the seat without falling into the water dish.  
Oops, back to that first thought...
how to open the lid.

The poor Puppy had to go sooo bad, that she went as close as she could, right in front of the toilet.
At least it wan't on top of the toilet.

She was so proud of herself. 
 I wonder how hard it would be to toilet train a dog?

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