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Friday, September 7, 2012


Storms outside.....storms in my head.

Why do I let little things get to me?
An idea...
      A thought.....
             A worry......

There it is.....and it won't go away.

So I toss and turn to go to sleep.

My stomach.....

I wake up too early.

So this morning, I woke at 4.

A storm...sounds like hail.

I touch my iPad and there it is.
A posting from a friend.
The posting that I need.
The reminder.....
I link to click a read......

Red Letter Living:  How I combat self-pity  

Count your blessings!  There are so many things in my everyday life that I should never take for granted because they are gifts. Gifts that God has given in the form of blessings.

I hope this helps you in your day too!

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