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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blue Hair vs. blue hair

Since I started my Facebook Page, I have been asked......why blue hair?

There have always been two ideas behind the blue hair concept.  I always wanted to have my hair dyed blue…..Cookie Monster blue to be exact.  I think it came from my time living in Europe.  It was accepted.  Colored hair.  Any color of the rainbow….maybe all colors of the rainbow.  I was an artist.  I was a free spirit!  However......

I tucked that little piece of rebellion inside when I got married, to be a wife……the wife of an officer.  I had rules to follow.  Expectations to meet.

That might be where I crossed over...
...into the old lady type of Blue Hair.

All the Coffees, brunches, receptions, Teas, card parties……fundraising, committees, boards….old lady stuff.

And now……I miss it. 

I work…..only part time, but still, I work.

I have lost time…..time to bake, time to plan, time to sew, time to make art of my own.

I have been struggling over the past month to find time….time for me…time for my craft.  I try to steal time here and there, but things get in the way.  The lawn, the checkbook, the weeding, maintenance of everything, swabbing the deck, nails in tires, dealing with insurance, parent/teacher conference……

I long to be the Blue Hair once again……


Suzanne Z. said...

I always wanted bright fuschia highlights in my red hair. . .one of these days. It would have been accepted during my time in Africa, but not so much in the office or when out public speaking. Maybe now that I'm working on a university campus?

(No good analogy with fuschia hair like your Blue Hair - blue hair connection. Very amusing!)

Julie said...

I think with red hair and fuchsia I would go with something like.....If you can't stand the heat, get to the hairdresser for some HOT pink!!