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Friday, September 7, 2012


I want to be special.
I want to be like other special people.
I want to do what special people get to do.

Things special people get to do:

1.   Park the wrong way on the road.
2.   Park right in front of a store, in a fire zone.
3.   Drive 95 mph in a 65 mph zone.
4.   Make u-turns anyplace I want to.
5.   Turn left from the far right lane.
6.   Text while driving.

I am not special in any of these ways.

I parked the wrong way once.....in England.
I parked right in front of a store once....in the diagonal spots.
I drove 104 mph once....I was really lucky!
I have made u-turns....oops, they were Michigan lefts.
I turned left from the right lane....onto a one way street.

I have not attempted the texting thing.....I am not that crazy!  I have a hard enough time paying attention to my driving and all the other special people.  Why would I even think to attempt texting??

Watch out and be safe....
there are more special people on the roads all the time!
And I mean no offense at all to any of you who might be special.
I really do wish I could be just....like....you....

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