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Thursday, June 26, 2014

God, the Artist

I have been cleaning and moving things around my studio for a few days now.

I have a list....
     .....the art I want to make.....
             .....the ideas in my head........

I almost have a few areas rearranged and even pulled
a few items out of drawers to start brainstorming on.

Giant aerial photos....the possibilities!

My sketchbook from vacation.

....and then I just had to go outside!

Not just ANYWHERE outside,
but a trip out to Miss Effie's for some flowers.
This has been a strange year in my own garden...battling the weeds and not able to find any flowers in the tangles of grasses and purslane (let's not get started on that blasted purslane).

She had already sold fifteen buckets of flowers...
...it was one o'clock!

There wasn't much left out there today....lots of buds though!
Her flower beds are about ready to explode in color!

Miss Effie walked me around and helped me find a few flowers though for about a half a bucket of flowers.  What I brought home though.....God is an artist!

Small bouquet No. 1

Check this one out! A malformed flower.
I think two heads are better than one!

Tiny bouquet No. 2 for my vanity.

Tiny bouquet No 3. for my desk!
The colors!
Bouquet No. 4 for my kitchen table...love that yarrow!

 And then this little one peeked out at me......
                         ......the brushstrokes are perfect!
....and the color!  This little beauty is only about 6 inches tall, so I found a special little bottle my mother-in-law just gave me (she knows how much I love blue glass) and I tucked this precious jewel into it.

God is so talented!

Peace found in nature.....thank you Miss Effie!

You can find more on Miss Effie by clicking HERE for her website,
and find her on Facebook too!

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