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Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Road Well Traveled 2014.3.5: The Rest of the Story

Yeah - I know.  My post about yesterday was just because of the song stuck in my head.  I love that song.....always makes me think about that movie with Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant....

You know me though....there is always another spin to the story.

We rocketed out of Huntsville as early as we could get started.  We really thought that we might hit a "little" traffic around Birmingham, but nothing like what we encountered.

We started rolling along fast.....like "rocket" fast!  Is it something about people that live around Space Centers? Do they really need to drive "that" fast?  I don't want to point fingers or name names, because I don't want to get anyone in trouble.  Let me just say that my darling brother, let's call him OpSec, drives much faster than the posted speed limit, and for some insane reason, Dad decided he needed to keep up.  I hinted around for awhile, trying to be polite, but OpSec just didn't get the clue.

We slowly moved along by zipping and braking....and zipping and braking.......the whole way.  It was truly the idea of "hurry up and wait."  As we drove along, I kept seeing election signs along the roadway.  I love reading the names on those signs....and sometimes you get one that is just AWESOME!  The treat of the day was.....

.....Chip Beeker!  His resume reads: prior to running for office in Alabama, he worked in the laboratory in the Beast's Castle....ha...ha....get it?  I laughed all the way through the state trying to get that picture!

We finally took a pit stop.....remember this picture from earlier?

I had to snap a picture of this strange phenomenon.  As we pulled into the rest stop in a straight line, all of the car doors opened in unison and lines of people began to file into the restrooms. It was like synchronized swimming....or would it be synchronized stopping....or would it be synchronized peeing!  The choreography was fabulous!  I wish I had video for the occasion!

This is when I finally had to say something and told OpSec that he had to slow down.  I seriously thought I was going to have an accident if he didn't back off just a little bit.....it was just too fast for the driving conditions. (I know....I am a party pooper!) I also said something to the Boss (my sister-in-law) while we were in the restroom....I knew she would say something as we pulled out again.

As we got back on the road, my phone rang:

Me: "Hello?"
OpSec: "Are we on speaker?"
Me: ".....no."
OpSec: "What is this about how fast we are travelling?"
Me: "Oh. Don't worry about that anymore."
Opsec: "What?"
Me: "Well....I put some quarters in a machine back there at the rest stop and got myself a pair of OOPS, I CRAPPED MY PANTS!  I'm good now.....don't worry about me.....seriously!  Slow Down!"

(After the laughter cleared in both cars, the speed became a little better...)

We slowed down a little and traffic started getting a little more manageable.  We were moving at about normal speed......and finally crossed the state line.

We continued into the fabulous land of Florida, just in time to see the harvest of......

the Marshmallow crops!  I was so excited to see this elusive crop harvested......

When all was said and done, this ended up being a very long day in the car.  We all needed some humor, a beer, and some pizza.  We all felt like we had been to.....

...... hell and back.....did you know they had special parking for Hell?  But I guess just if you plan to come back.....

            ....but we finally made it to.....


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