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Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Road Well Traveled 2014.2: Multi-state Trekking

For the past couple of years, I have trekked across a state with Thelma and Louise....

.....A state.......one.....at a time.....

This is a new kind of trip this year.  A cross-country journey.  Many more days in the car than the typical three days, averaging about twelve hours a day in the car as we run from cool site, to cool site, to cool site.

My travel mates this year are my parental units.  Mom is thrilled with the idea of stopping and seeing some of these American gems.......Dad not so much.  He is trying.  He is attempting to "let go" and be adventurous, but he also wants to get to the final destination and just get out of the car!  I keep hearing the statement, "I never knew this was here!"

We set off on Day Two from glorious Paducah, Kentucky.  The town was packed, the hotels were packed, the restaurants were packed......there was a dog show AND a church convention in town.  Picture thousands of people with a dog leash in one hand a a bible and a drink in the other.  Big hair....on the dogs and the women.....and all those poor dogs in their cones of shame.

We were going to stop for breakfast, but F.N. Hamm did not like out first choice.

He was sweatin' it at this stop!
The special was Ham and Eggs for $2.99!  Eeeek!

We set off down through Kentucky. It was rainy. It was yucky. We didn't wee anything except trees on the roadside....and no fun attractions that we just HAD to stop to see.

I was delighted when we finally saw the light at the end of the short tunnel and saw the sign for....

F.N. Hamm was excited to see the sign!
We pulled into the Welcome Center
and the first place the Iowa boy stops?

The Weather Channel.  You can take the Iowan out of Iowa,
but you can't take the Weather Cannel out of the Iowan....

Dolly was nice enough to hold F.N. Hamm for the picture.

Our official greeter was Dolly!  This is as close as we are going to get to Dollywood OR the Grand Ole Opry, so ....... cheese!

We had one planned stop by Mom.  Beachhaven Winery in Clarksville.  We stopped to check out the unique gift shoppe and to do a little sampling.

Jazz pig!

Wine sampling....can you cure bacon in wine?
We were off and running again to glorious Nashville!  
No detours here....that were planned anyway.

F.N. points out danger ahead!
Warning! Warning!
We did a little of Dad's tourism along the way.....
...quick....take that picture!

Look....it's the Batman Building in Nashville!

Our final have-to stop in Tennessee was to see the Giant Chicken Chef at the Elkton, TN exit along I-65.  We were nervous it wouldn't be there. It was rumored that the gas station was being torn down last year.....but surprise!

Can you find F.N. in the fork?
Guess what's for breakfast?
They built a NEW Shell station and left the chicken!  I was so excited!

We pulled into Bro's house in the afternoon and spent the day relaxing.  We are off on our continuing trip with the whole family now.  I can't wait to see what adventures we have ahead of us.....

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Janet said...

Your dad's smile makes me think he really is standing with Dolly Parton.