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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Looking For........

I have started a new blog addition to Rantings.
If you look at the orange bar above this post, you can click on it.

It is called haiku-a-da.

It is a family project.  We used to sit around the table at night and share our day in syllables.  Yes.....you had to tell about your day in a haiku format. We would laugh at some of the creations and it helped us choose our words carefully.

I also started it so I would have to write something.
I have had serious writers block lately.
I have also been trying to find a direction for me... for my art...

My haiku today:

Do you ever have.....
a day that you're waiting for....
anything.....at all?

I have been waiting.....and waiting.
I am not quite sure what I am waiting for though.

It sure is NOT the coughing crud that I have developed.
It sure is NOT for Tall Man to walk in the door.
It sure is NOT for anyone to step up and do chores so I don't have to.

I am searching again.......

searching for a pattern.

Daily patterns?
Traffic patterns?
Sewing patterns?

I am not quite sure......... yet.

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