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Friday, February 22, 2013

Walking in the Shoes of Young Men Today

I know...it has been a month.
I have been under-the-weather...
....enough said.

Today I took Man Child to the doctor to make sure he wasn't heading down the same path I did (he is viral - that is it)  and I dropped him off back at school.  Driving home after the local high school dropped off I noticed all of these boys walking down the street....

....walking....... strangely.....

I couldn't figure it out at first until I got closer and realized what their issue was.

But wait....I want to show you a small video clip so you can see this strangeness.  (If you forward to 1:00, you will get the last 10 seconds that shows you the walk.  The rest is just goofiness and giggling.)

I am sure you are wondering what made me think to look up this walk?  I realized all of these boys are walking like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars, and I found this footage.  Crack me up  - this is IT!

And WHY, you may ask, are they walking this way?
Their stylish street fashion is to blame.
They have to walk this way to keep their pants from falling down. All of these young men had pants hanging down to the top of their thighs.  Does your Mom buy you those clothes or do you waste your own money?  Oh - maybe they are still growing and bought two waist sizes too big?

I think in my perfect world we would require a dress code where the uniform store is Men's Wearhouse....although I have another rant on the way an employee dresses at a local Men's Wearhouse, but that is a rant for another day....

Okay - thanks for listening to today's rant.

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