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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Games

I think summer is finally here.  I have one more commitment and then.....yep.....it is here.  My list is long of want-to-do's.  Sure, there are need-to's.  It is the want-to list that is glittery in my vision......it is in my reach.

In the meantime, I have a few finish up and prepares for next week and next year.  What is distracting me?

The Summer Games.

Nope.  Not the Olympics.  The neighbor kids.

Their games terrify me.  It is like the X-Games in my backyard.

Game #1 - Tether-ball Trampoline Skip Ball

How you play:  Eight to Ten Children bounce on a trampoline while one kids swings the tether-ball over the trampoline like a Skip Ball.  All of the kids try to jump over the ball on a rope.  The last one standing is the winner.

The make-me cringe-moments.  We have seen rope burn, kids falling off the trampoline, but the worst.....when the ball swings a little higher than it should and wraps around a kids neck.  Aargh! And the parents?  No where in sight......

Game #2 - Catch the Arrow

Yes - you read that correctly.

How to play:  One kids shoots an arrow in the air and everyone else stands looking up to see where it will land.

Oh.  Dear.  God.  I.  Could.  Pee.  My. Pants.

Last night, they were shooting into the archery block, but the "judges" for the game were perched in the tree....right above the target.

I am sure I played these insane games as a child.  I just wonder......was the neighbor trying not to pee their pants while watching?

My only relief might be in sight......  I think there is a man measuring for a fence.......oh, dear God, please let the man be measuring for a fence........

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Miss Effie said...

OH. MY. GOD. I think I pee'd my pants laughing!!!