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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Welcome to Summer

Graduation is done. The company has left.  Now it is time to kick into summer and the stuff I WANT to do.

#1.....Welcome to my garden.

My gnome has been keeping busy keeping his little patch of sunshine clean and clear.  I find it really odd that there is nothing growing around him.......

My first thought is that it is the poison leaching out of the resin he is made out of and killing everything in it's wake....or.....he works for the Garden Police and is known as "Agent Orange"...sorry....bad joke.

I am hoping to get some tomatoes and some eggplant in this week.  I have been overrun this year with LBB's (little baby bunnies), so I am taking Mr. McGregor's approach and asked for a gate.

This is what Tall Man made for me......

.....I think I need a cute fence to match now.


The faerie house is on the market.  I have been watching for signs of faerie, but the gate hasn't moved yet.....

maybe soon.

And my favorite flower so far?

Pretty Picasso.

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