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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I used to always be on time...heck, I used to always be early.   I was the one who would show up to get the table, to set up for the event...

....time.  Where does it go?

I just arrived for another appointment late.  Am I over scheduled?  Nope.  It is the only appointment on my calendar today.  I just have a terrible time getting organized and going when I should.

ClockfaceI think I am becoming that person who thinks, "Oh, I have time to get one more load of laundry switched, I can wipe down that counter, I can tuck point the chimney....(that one is for you MIL and FIL!)

 Maybe it comes back to the whole Super Mom thing again. I could do anything!  I could make twelve appointments over the phone and remember every one of them without writing them down. I could list off every ailment my children ever had! I could recall dates and trivial facts.  They were just there.  The information was in my head.


 That's all I got.

 I have this external brain...my iPad.  It is instant.  Flip the switch and the screen pops up.

Contacts?  Got it.  Calendar?  Got it.  Appointment times?  ........... Crap!

I have to remember to write it down!
   I think I should be fired from my part-time secretarial position.
      I will try to be on time tomorrow.

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