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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Earth Day

I am far from being a tree-hugger.

I love my piece of earth.  I love my soil. I love my flowers. I love every blade of grass.  It is my piece of Heaven on Earth.

What gets my goat though, is how some have no respect for the earth around them.

Litter bugs.

Yep.  You heard me.

Litter bugs.

Cigarette butts.  Candy wrappers. Soda Bottles.  Fast food bags. Apple cores.  Underwear.  Shoes. Banana peels.

Getting chucked out of their car windows. Dropped in parking lots.

Does no one use an ash tray?  Oh, yeah, you would have to have a car with an ashtray in it.....I don't remember the last car I owned with an ash tray.  My car right now actually says in the cubby -

Remember those little garbage bags made out of vinyl you hung in your car?  Oops - you need a cigarette lighter in your car to hang it on.

So have people become so lazy they chuck it out of their car windows instead walking to a trash can?  Yep - that is what I think.

My original point of this post was littering...I so wanted the image of the litter bug I knew as a kid....the one we saw at school on posters.  But instead of the image I wanted, I found something even more magnificent.  
I found the coolest website.  

This is an awesome site that you can report litter bugs.  The reports go by state.  You can post the day, time and what was littered.  The funniest part though.....you record the license plate number, make and model of the car.

I don't know who is watching this....but it is there.  It makes me giggle actually.

So take care of our earth....stop pitching your garbage out of the car window.

And, please don't throw anymore banana peels out on the highway.  We could have a clown car catastrophe...

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