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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Ranting Revelation

I have been ranting for almost 24 hours.  I don't want to print my rant.  I don't think it would do any good.  In fact....it could do damage.  This is a time I  have chosen to hold my tongue.  Can you believe it?  (Poppo is shaking his head no right now - he knows I am really good at sticking my foot in my mouth)  

Instead, my rant has led to write in a different direction.  I hope a positive direction.

While visiting colleges over the years with my children, I never thought much about how the professors get to that college.  How do they, as an instructor, make that decision where to teach?    How does any teacher get to where they WANT to teach. 

My kids have shared their experiences throughout their schooling about good instructors and, what they thought, were bad instructors.   The difference?  The ability of a teacher to talk to them as a person.  To discuss an issue.  To be taken seriously, no matter what they say.  To accept them when they fail.  To nudge them when they need a nudge.  To celebrate them when they succeed!

Peanut left her first college.  She had no say in anything while she was there.  She could not discuss her ideas or thoughts on her instruction.  She was miserable.  She changed schools, and loved the program of study she listed as her major…..until…..

Peanut took a class as a required general education class and she changed her direction.  She changed her major.  She changed her passion.

And what drove that passion?  An instructor…….a mentor. 

An instructor can roll information off the tongue.  They can lecture, they can talk the talk, and they can sit in their chair and explain stuff. 

A mentor is hands on.  They jump in 100% and guide students to an end goal.  They give ideas.  They lead.   They WANT to be there.  Their passion for their craft, for their area of expertise, rubs off on all those they surround.  They are there to listen.  They are there to inspire.  They are there to make an impact…..a difference.

While visiting the university Frog has chosen to attend, an Associate Professor in her department of study made a comment that they were actively seeking to add to their faculty, however, it is difficult to find the mentor that they wanted in that position……the MENTOR!  Not an instructor. Not a Professor.  A mentor……

Maybe this needs to be a plan in schools across the country…….elementary, middle, high school or college. 

Don’t we all need Mentors?  Don’t we all need to be inspired?